Know Your Title Company


How is the company perceived in the community? Do you know others who have closed there? Does the company have a visible presence in the community? 

Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC. has built its business on our reputation and repeat customers. We pride ourselves on being more than just box-checkers. We understand every facet of the real estate transaction and we use that knowledge to get your transaction closed!


Are the closing agents licensed and qualified?
Yes, as well as experienced to serve all your needs.


Who owns the company? Is it local or long-distance ownership? Are there ownership affiliations, which might create a conflict of interest?

Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC. is an independent agency owned by J.T. Pelt a “hands on” owner, working full time on a daily basis.


  Who is the underwriter for the title insurance policies, and what is their reputation? In Florida, five major underwriters write 80% of the policies. Does the agency write through one of these major underwriters?

Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC. primary underwriter is Fidelity National Title, one of the five largest underwriters in the State.


In too many cases, the price seems to be the primary consideration; however, because charges are established by the State, the price variations between companies will be minimal.

We encourage you to call for a quote prior to placing you order; you will find Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC’s price structure to be very competitive.


Are the offices convenient, attractive, and adequate: Has the company invested in the kind of equipment necessary to give the highest level of service possible? 

Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC’s building in Plant City is not only convenient and attractive, it was designed to facilitate our business and accommodate our customers. We have also made a substantial investment in our computer and communications equipment to assure that we remain on the leading edge of technology.


What happens when you call? Are you talking to a real person? Is your call returned promptly? 

At Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC. we work as a team. When you call you can get the answer you need when you want that answer.


This is the catch-all phrase that is used to describe all of the factors above.But service is a lot more than that; in fact, the main ingredient in service is one thing…Attitude.

At Title Solutions Group of Florida, LLC., we understand the importance of what we do, and we are sensitive to the special needs of our clients. Our staff is genuinely concerned about the service we provide, and we will do whatever is possible to make your transactions go as smoothly as possible.

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